The World’s 3 Wackiest Office Spaces

by PropertyBlawg on December 5, 2012

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Guest post regarding some of the world’s wackiest office spaces.

Did you know that most office staff would prefer to eliminate office politics, allow telecommuting and upgrade their office technology? According to Staples, the wish list for office improvements includes new, nicer furniture, more private work areas as well as flexible work hours.

Would you have a slide or a skate park where you work, if you could that is? Believe it or not, there are some outrageously wacky work environments around the globe. More and more businesses are transforming their headquarters into state-of-the-art complexes with indoor gardens, golf courses and swimming pools.

But you need to be careful…

Obviously if you are renting the office space, there may be legal restrictions in place with regards to changing the structure of the building. Check your leasing agreement for any constraints, and if you still need peace of mind, seek professional help to learn your rights.

It is in the business’s best interest to renovate the space to boost staff productivity but how far do you go? Here are the world’s 3 wackiest office spaces. If you had the budget; would you imitate any of the below?

  • Google

google property image

(Image copyright used by permission under the Creative Commons Licence)

Google has headquarters around the world including California, Zurich and London and it can be fair to say that most employees will be green with envy when they hear about the extravagant facilities on offer.

Allegedly, staff can take a dip during their lunch in a swimming pool; all workers are fed with three free meals a day; and there is even a ‘sleep room’ where personnel can catch a nap when they are feeling tired.

What is more, it has snug swinging chairs that hang from the ceiling; and a recreation room with snooker, table tennis and pool for workers to socialise over their sarnies. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

  • Facebook

facebook property image

(Image copyright used by permission under the Flickr Creative Commons Licence_ Mari Smith)

Facebook recently renovated its HQ in Silicon Valley in America and it is reportedly out of this world. The social media giant has an arcade full of fun games; staff can unwind with free massages; and if anyone needs their clothes washing, they can take advantage of the on-site complimentary laundry service.

Furthermore, there is a gym for workers to de-stress, staffs also get free meals a day, and the whole building is eco-friendly so it is green as well as great!

  • Lego

 lego property image

(Image copyright used by permission under the Flickr Creative Commons Licence_ Eric Lumsden)

Lego’s headquarters is just as fun as their toys, if not more so! The firm revamped its HQ in Denmark into a Willy-Wonka style factory and it is definitely more child’s play than work.

A slide connects two floors so workers can slide downstairs instead of taking the stairs; and one of the meeting rooms even has a game of table football built-into the floor, so employees cannot help but kick a ball between the plastic players whilst conversing about the latest sales figures.

What do you plan on doing?

Clearly not all businesses can afford to give their staff free meals, or allow them to catch some shut-eye during work. Use the examples above, emulate them on a smaller scale, and create an innovative, exciting environment for people to work in.

However, don’t forget to check your lease agreement to ensure you are above board!

Over half of those surveyed gave their office décor a grade C or lower- what would you give your own?

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