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by PropertyBlawg on September 14, 2021

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In this new property insights piece, HULT Private Capital looks at whether the UK property market is still a profitable venture and looks at other trends in the property sector.

With many ways for high net individuals and savvy investors to invest in property, such as through share purchases of companies that own property, rental income generation or through stock market investing, there is a great deal of opportunity to make the right property investments.

The UK property market could be described as ‘mainstream’, with potential for long-term gains. Both Brexit and Covid-19 have affected many sectors in the UK and the long-term impact on the property market in the UK is yet to be fully realised, but in recent months across 2020 and 2021 we have been seeing property prices rise significantly. Some figures suggested even 130%+ higher prices for residential property in the UK in 2021 compared with 2020.

And the future is bright for forthcoming years too – property forecasts suggest property price growth of over 20% by 2025, suggested that investing in property in the UK remains a trusted and reliable route to increase returns.

The pace of such price growth has been greater recently in regional areas outside of London, although London property prices are still rising. Indeed, global house prices have risen at their fastest rate since 2005 according to a recent Financial Times article – factors such as low interest rates, housing shortage and plentiful household savings are all contributing to help boost the housing market.

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Invest in Property in the UK with HULT Private Capital

While there are many ways to invest in property to try to capitalise on the returns available, for high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors, HULT Private Capital can help you to invest in some of the most highly desirable locations around Prime Central London. Prime central London continues to provide a significant investing opportunity, with a predicted strong bounce of up to +7% in 2022 and total +21.6% in 2021-2025 (and comparatively, outer prime London residential capital value is forecast to increase by +14.6% by 2025).

Further property insights to follow from HULT Private Capital are available on their website and in many other main media publications online.

HULT Private CapitalAchieving the Best Results for High Net-Worth Sophisticated Investors with Top Tier Investments

Established over 12 years ago in 2008, HULT Private Capital was initially a boutique investment house, with focus on structured investments capable of performing and succeeding in some of the toughest economic times.

HULT Private Capital’s principles have endured with its growth and evolution. These core values include acting with integrity, delivering services with passion, being bold in making the most of opportunities, honesty and trustworthiness with relationships, commitment to customers and their success and keeping investing simple.

With continued growth, HULT Private Capital continues to specialise in boutique investments for its loyal client-base, with great attention to detail for each client and through all bank-backed investments and structured funds we have available.

Some of HULT Private Capital’s recent client testimonials include the following:-

“Great and very prompt service as well as very useful knowledge on building a strong portfolio. Glad I was recommended HULT and would recommend them to anyone looking to build a investment portfolio above the 90th percentile.”

“A good company to invest with if you have above 250k and you are looking for long term returns. The information provide is in time and I have been educated along the way. Returns have been positive in the first 3 quarters and they have done well for me through out 2020.”

You can find out more about HULT Private Capital on the following sites:-

HULT Private Capital on Storeboard

CYBO – HULT Private Capital

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