Tenants’ Right to Carry Out Improvements

Refurbishment Works July 18, 2012

Raymond Cooper is a Consultant Property Lawyer Proposition: An absolute prohibition, in a lease of business premises, against redevelopment or the carrying out of structural alterations will not necessarily prevent the tenant from carrying any of the prohibited acts. The issue canvassed below is not limited to such situations, but is particularly applicable to long […]

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Town & Country Planning Act 1990 s237 : Extinguishment of Rights of Light

Overshadowed Buildings July 18, 2012

Raymond Cooper is a Consultant Property Lawyer Proposition:  It is unlikely that the owner of a building whose right to light is extinguished under s.237(1) of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 could at that stage apply for a judicial review, but judicial review might well be available on the making of the underlying […]

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Portfolios of freeholds – what’s the attraction ?

May 9, 2012

Vincent Tchenguiz, the UK property business giant has recently reported that he is ready to place his extensive portfolio of properties worth £3 billion on the UK property market. The properties are a part of the Tchenguiz Family Trust. The portfolio contains properties all over the UK, and constitutes one of the most extensive trusts […]

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