Neighbour Disputes

Cameras in the frame following negative surveillance backlash

July 30, 2013

Despite the explosion in popularity of CCTV cameras in the UK by both public and private bodies, there are still few rules governing the use of these surveillance systems. This could all change however following a coalition Government report into their use; brought about by a recent surge in complaints regarding spying neighbours. The government […]

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The Family Pool and Neighborhood Kids – What are My Liabilities?

May 4, 2013

The Family Pool and Neighborhood Kids – What are My Liabilities? Most people, in their younger years, dreamed of growing up to own a home with a swimming pool. Luckily, with several types of pools, both above and in-ground, now on the market, having a pool is more financially feasible than ever. Unfortunately, having this […]

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Tornado Property Damage: What Is Your Legal Responsibility?

October 3, 2012

(U.S. Property Law and generally)  Tornadoes cause significant amounts of property damage every year. With high winds and quick speeds, property owners unfortunate enough to be in a tornado’s path face challenges from nature, insurance companies, and even other individuals. Tornado Damage to Property Tornadoes cause substantial wind damage to property. This causes high stresses […]

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Suffering from a Neighbourhood Nuisance? Take Steps to Protect Your Rights as a Citizen

September 4, 2012

Having a neighbour who is a continual nuisance can be more than just an annoyance. It can make your life miserable. It can lead to health problems from lack of sleep and mental stress. If you are being subjected to ongoing nuisance behavior, you have the right to have it stopped. An attorney can help […]

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Dealing with Property Boundary Disputes

August 16, 2012

Introduction Boundary disputes can be a horrible affair. Often they can ruin friendships with neighbours and cause undue stress over the smallest amounts of land. Below we’ve listed some pointers that may help you to quickly resolve such a dispute. Where there is uncertainty there are often Boundary Disputes, and these can require legal advice […]

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Disputes with your neighbours related to property law

January 25, 2012

Below is a guest property blog post from a US writer regarding neighbour disputes. Neighbourhood disputes related to property law are very common and can include issues about the right to property, noise, parking, boundary lines, messy gardens and overhanging trees. The quarrels between the neighbours fall under the group of civil justice. If your […]

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