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Four Factors to Consider when Gifting Property to Family Members

May 1, 2014

(Australian Law) The decision to gift your property to family members is a generous one, and you probably have the best of intentions. However, have you considered the possible negative events that could happen as a result of your gift? Transferring your valuable assets to an irresponsible family member could damage the value of your […]

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Five reasons to invest in Spain NOW

December 6, 2013

Five reasons to invest in real estate in Spain After more than five years of crisis, uncertainty about when to recover the brick industry has given way to a widespread optimism, thanks largely to the closure of operations of foreign investors. “It has opened a new stage in the Spanish property market. In recent months, […]

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The Conveyancing Process Explained

October 16, 2013

Until they actually come to buy a residential property, many people are unaware of what a Conveyancing process is or what it entails. Conveyancing refers to the legal process of legally transferring ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer. The process begins at the time when the offer is accepted and the […]

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Chinese Lettings Bureau Continues Success at Newcastle Firm

February 15, 2013

NEWCASTLE-based Walton Robinson appointed two members of staff last year to support its growing client base with the increase of the Chinese student community. The Chinese Lettings Bureau has been a success at the company who have now expanded into social media to reach both tenants and landlords with their full circle service. Alice Lam, […]

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Online Estate Agents: Why They Are The Best Way To Sell Your Home (UK)

January 23, 2013

Guest post regarding online estate agents in the UK. The traditional way of looking for a new property has gone out the window. Almost literally. Why would you go and traipse around looking at the properties in the windows of various estate agents when you can stay in the comfort of your own home and […]

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