Tenancy Law

Mold Health Hazards and Landlord Responsibilities

July 28, 2013

Guest post on US law regarding tenant and landlord rights. Although usually just a nuisance, the health implications of mold exposure can sometimes be severe. Some molds are toxic and can cause illness when inhaled, while others are essentially harmless. Even among harmful mold, different dangers are associated with the various types. For this reason, […]

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Landlord Responsibilities vs Tenants’ Dogs: Can They be Held Liable for a Dog Bite?

July 25, 2013

(US law & generally) Dog bites occur more often than many people realize and there are legal consequences for liability. Ultimate liability in a personal injury claim resulting from a dog bite is determined by the case particulars. Also included as material fact can be any clauses included in the tenant lease or property agreement. […]

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New Infographic: 6 Common Tenancy Agreement Myths

February 12, 2013

New infographic created by Agreements.org and designed by Graphs with the sole purpose of spreading awareness on the false claims doing rounds about tenancy agreements (hopefully useful as a quick guide for any landlord or tenant looking to have a tenancy agreement drafted/implemented.

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Knowing your way around a Section 8 Notice

December 11, 2012

As a landlord you may well come across a section 8 notice during your letting career – unfortunately this means you are dealing with bad tenants. Even if you do a background check, confirm a person’s income and meet them in person, it will not fully prevent you from having to deal with poor tenants, […]

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Tenant and Landlord Rights

November 26, 2012

Guest post on US law regarding tenant and landlord rights. A lease is a written contract between a tenant and a landlord. While specific lease terms vary, all leases give both parties certain rights and responsibilities. Tenants’ Rights The most important right tenants have is the right to a safe, clean environment. That means that […]

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Tenants of a social housing contemplating legal action against their landlords

November 8, 2012

After waiting for two months for their landlord to repair their leaking roof three angry tenants at three flats in Spalding have rounded on him. The heavy overnight rains since last Tuesday and Wednesday caused major damage to walls, ceilings, carpets and a fire alarm system for three flats in Market place run by social […]

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Tenant Laws: Is it the Landlord’s Fault?

September 29, 2012

(US law and generally) Tenants and landlords each have duties to one another. Tenants are responsible for keeping the property clean and disposing of trash. Tenants are also liable for any damage that they or their guests cause to the property. They may also be subject to other responsibilities as outlined in the lease agreement. […]

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How to Find Out What Kind of Tenancy You Have

July 19, 2012

(Property law in England & Wales) With so many different tenancy types, with each having their own rights and obligations, it can be difficult to figure out which one you have. This article should help you to figure out which type you have, so you know what your legal rights are. Before 15th Jan 1989. […]

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