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Sampson Coward with Whitehead Vizard is a Salisbury-based solicitors firm, providing legal services in property law. “We strive to achieve legal excellence; we have a modern approach to the law and always endeavour to achieve a positive outcome for our clients.”

Looking for a property lawyer to help you in the UK? Buying or selling your home and need a great local conveyancing solicitor? The following is our UK property lawyer directory, showcasing some of the best property lawyers for certain locations and several tips for how you can choose the best conveyancing lawyer for you. For our US real estate attorney directory click here. Further recommendations and suggestions for the list below also welcome:-  

How to Choose a Great Conveyancing Lawyer – 5 Tips

Finding the right conveyancing lawyer is not as easy as you might think. You may have heard horror stories from family or friends who may have chosen a lawyer only to find that their conveyancing process was a nightmare, whether or not the right outcome was achieved. These 5 tips should help you find the right solicitor for you:-

1. Choose a specialist conveyancing solicitor

The conveyancing process involves a significant amount of paperwork and excellent communication for it to run smoothly for your house purchase/sale. If you choose a generalist lawyer who has other work to deal with, such as court work or family law work, you probably won’t receive as good a service. But even if they are a specialist, make sure you…

2. Go for a local conveyancing lawyer

There are various specialist online conveyancing services in the UK. Some of these will give you access to a local conveyancing lawyer. But some won’t. Your best bet is to go for a service that will provide you with a local conveyancing solicitor who really cares about the purchase/sale of your house; and in that respect…

3. Don’t go too cheap with your conveyancing

It’s tempting to get conveyancing quotes and just choose the cheapest one you find. But given how important it is that your conveyancing goes according to plan and as smoothly as possible (moving house is one of the most stressful experiences a person/family can have!) you should consider paying a bit more for someone who’s really going to over-deliver for you, with excellent communication and be on the ball at all times. Even just a couple of hundred pounds more can make all the difference. But whatever you do…

4. Be certain about conveyancing fees

Ideally obtain a fixed conveyancing quote showing all of the legal fees and outlays/expenses that will be due on completion for both your purchase and sale. Avoid hourly rate conveyancing billing at all costs. And lastly…

5. Be wary of estate agent introductions to conveyancing lawyers

If your estate agents recommends a solicitor, note that they’re probably gaining a commission for the referral/introduction. Consider whether that’s really the best solution for you. One way to be sure is to do your own research to qualify such a solicitor that’s been recommended by the estate agent – e.g. check out their online reviews/testimonials.

Property Lawyers Across the UK

You may want to consider the following, who provide a nationwide property service:-

Premier Property Lawyers –
1st Property Lawyers
Countrywide Conveyancing Services
Key Property Lawyers
Conveyancing Calculator UK (Conveyancing Fees – Compare Fixed fee, Low Cost, Cheap Quotes)
CompareAndConvey (Compare Conveyancers & Read Genuine Reviews)

Property & Conveyancing Lawyers Edinburgh

For Edinburgh, consider the following:-

Neilsons Solicitors, Lawyers & Estate Agents in Edinburgh
Morton Fraser
Turcan Connell
Lindsays Solicitors and Estate Agents

Property Lawyers Bristol

Some of the best property lawyers in Bristol include the following:-

Battrick Clark’s Bristol Conveyancing & Property Solicitors in Bristol
Barcan Kirby’s Fixed Fee Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol

Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham

The following are some of Birmingham’s top firms of conveyancing lawyers:-

HomeWard Legal

Conveyancing Lawyers London

These are some of London’s top conveyancing solicitor firms:-

Rollingsons Conveyancing Solicitors London
Fisher Meredith Solicitors
KFH Londonwide Conveyancing and Property Solicitors
Ashley Wilson Solicitors

Manchester’s Top Conveyancing Solicitor Firms

And these firms in Manchester are some of the top conveyancing law firms to consider:-

Lyons Wilson
Manchester’s Conveyancing Solicitors at Latimer Lee LLP
Aubrey Isaacson Solicitors
Pannone’s Residential Property & Conveyancing Solicitors Manchester
Chandler Harris Property Charge and Ground Rent Arrears Recovery)

Property Lawyers in Other Locations in the UK

The following are other property lawyers and law firms elsewhere in the UK that are worth considering:-

Winston Solicitors Top Property Lawyers

Winston Solicitors (Leeds-based conveyancing solicitors) – “We have a highly experienced and recommended team of residential and commercial property solicitors. Our quotes are always without obligation.” –

Sampson Coward with Whitehead Vizard (Salisbury-based solicitors firm, providing legal services in property law) – – “We strive to achieve legal excellence; we have a modern approach to the law and always endeavour to achieve a positive outcome for our clients.”

Specialist Property Lawyers (conveyancing solicitors in Surrey)

Know other conveyancing law firms you can recommend? Or need a conveyancing legal opinion in the UK?

Know anyone else who deserves to be listed here? Or need a conveyancing legal opinion or bespoke recommendation? Let us know – contact us here.



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