Legal insurance and property

September 22, 2012

Frankly, we are always surprised that the market for insurance in the legal sector is not as mature as in other areas of life and business. Stepping aside from property and residential tenancies for a moment, most of us now have myriad insurance policies for the most important things, whether life cover, home insurance, medical […]

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Unilateral notice in property law – what is it and when does it apply ?

July 19, 2012

A unilateral notice can be most commonly found in the charges register of the property if it is registered. This notice is a charge used to register any interest which a third party may have in a particular property or estate, and notify the other party of its existence. A third party to a property […]

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Shared Ownership Properties

June 14, 2012

Shared ownership properties are a way of getting onto the property ladder with a lower budget. Shared ownership is cheaper than conventional methods of property ownership because it allows buyers to part own and part rent their home. In a shared ownership property, buyers will usually purchase around 25%, 50% or 75% of their home […]

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Portfolios of freeholds – what’s the attraction ?

May 9, 2012

Vincent Tchenguiz, the UK property business giant has recently reported that he is ready to place his extensive portfolio of properties worth £3 billion on the UK property market. The properties are a part of the Tchenguiz Family Trust. The portfolio contains properties all over the UK, and constitutes one of the most extensive trusts […]

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CPSE standard enquiries not fit for purpose ?

April 30, 2012

Pre contract enquiries are part of the method of investigation of commercial property transactions. These enquiries can be acquired in various ways including purchasing the freehold, leasehold or mortgage supplier. Usually, buyers of property raise pre contractual investigations as sellers rely on these investigations. Currently, the Commercial Property Standard Enquiries (CPSE) is the standard in […]

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The Conveyancing Quality Scheme

April 28, 2012

With due respect to the Law Society, some of it’s accreditations have been more useful as marketing tools than for genuinely evidencing expertise and additional trustworthiness, but things are changing. The Conveyancing Quality Scheme is a good example of how accreditation can really work well and, as it were “separate the men from the boys”. […]

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