Home Insurance: Beyond Buildings and Contents What Else Should You Cover?

April 2, 2013

Everyone has the dream of owning their own home one day and living the simple life. Many of us, once we purchase a home, think that we’re set. Unfortunately, many fail to realize that they could lose everything in just one catastrophe or accident at the home. This is definitely why most Brits invest in […]

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Relocating? Legal Tips And Advice To Make Your Move A Success

January 8, 2013

[US Law and General] Moving can be an exciting experience full of new opportunities and new relationships, but if you’re not careful, it can also become a nightmare. While buying or renting a new home, condo or apartment may seem easy enough on the surface, there are a number of legal pitfalls that can make […]

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The Benefits Of Breach Remedies In Construction Contracts

December 19, 2012

[US Law and General] The economy is finally on the rebound, and this has allowed more people to undertake construction projects. Just because the market has been down for awhile, however, doesn’t mean the process of handling construction has changed any. It is still absolutely essential to draw up contracts with anyone involved in new […]

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