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Proper Rental Home Maintenance to Keep You Out of Court

November 30, 2013

Landlords should always be aware of specific rental laws in all states in which they own rental property. Leasing rental property is not as simple as allowing tenants to use the structure. There are basic requirements with respect to health and safety, which also includes reasonable property upkeep. Equipment on the property should be kept […]

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Jewelry Theft and Fraud: How to Protect Your Valuables

November 17, 2013

(U.S. Law and generally) Jewelry is a favorite among thieves. It is easy to carry and easy to resell on the black market. You can easily transform jewelry into other pieces, and you can also disassemble it to sell to different buyers. The desire to steal jewelry has been around as long as jewelry itself. […]

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You Property: Your Choice

November 8, 2013

(U.S. Property Law and generally) Most people work hard for their entire lives to make sure that their family has everything that they need if a tragic accident or illness were to rip them away from their loved ones. While the things that an individual leaves behind vary between persons, everyone wants to feel secure […]

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Slumlord Endangering Your Health? Know Your Rights

October 30, 2013

While you have the obligation of paying your rent on time and keeping your rented home clean, your landlord also has the obligation of making sure the home that you are renting from him or her is sanitary and safe. If something in your rented house or apartment is broken or unsanitary, it may be […]

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Buying a House in Probate: What’s Involved?

October 25, 2013

(U. S. Property Law and generally) There aren’t many people who don’t dream of owning their own home one day. Even those who like to travel the world enjoy having their own humble abode to return to after an exciting getaway. Unfortunately, several nicer homes are out of many individual’s price range, and this often […]

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4 Things to Know Before Selling a House With Asbestos

October 15, 2013

Selling a house is often a huge decision, but once a person makes that decision, they often stand to make a large amount of money. Unfortunately, selling a property isn’t always as easy as some people would hope. Some residences, for instance, actually still have asbestos contained within their walls. Anyone who hasn’t lived under […]

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