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Property Litigation UK Blog Update: Best, R (On the Application Of) v The Secretary of State for Justice (Rev 1) [2015] EWCA Civ 17 (21 January 2015)

February 1, 2015

Introduction We are pleased to welcome again Mr Anis Waiz, solicitor and head of commercial litigation at Curtis Law Solicitors, with his critical review of current case law – this one concerns property law and property litigation in the UK. If you have any queries on this subject or other commercial litigation matters in the […]

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Time to move on? Top tips for small businesses looking to relocate

November 11, 2014

A growing property market is generally a strong indicator that the UK economy is heading in the right direction. What’s good news for investors, however, may not necessarily be ideal for small business owners. When falling vacancy rates and strong returns hit the headlines, it shows that it’s no longer a buyer’s market – which […]

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Business Rates Relief on Commercial Property

December 7, 2012

Guest property law blog post regarding business rates relief on commercial property in the UK. The majority of high streets are made up of commercial property as are retail parks and industrial estates.  The recession not only brought the collapse of many established consumer brands leaving many of these commercial properties empty. Since the collapse of […]

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Commercial Property Investment: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

September 28, 2012

Property is one of the classic investments. As cities grow and farmers seek out additional land, land often appreciates. Unfortunately, many people simply purchase land without doing the research. Simply adding some property to an investment portfolio does not make property a lucrative investment. Individuals interested in buying property should avoid several pitfalls. 1. No […]

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Tenants’ Right to Carry Out Improvements

July 18, 2012

Raymond Cooper is a Consultant Property Lawyer Proposition: An absolute prohibition, in a lease of business premises, against redevelopment or the carrying out of structural alterations will not necessarily prevent the tenant from carrying any of the prohibited acts. The issue canvassed below is not limited to such situations, but is particularly applicable to long […]

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Charities and Authorised Guarantee Agreements (AGAs)

July 4, 2012

Raymond Cooper is a Consultant Property Lawyer Proposition: Tenants who are charities are unlikely to have power to enter into AGAs on the assignment of their leases, and trustees who do enter into AGAs could, if an assignee fails, incur personal liability.

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CPSE standard enquiries not fit for purpose ?

April 30, 2012

Pre contract enquiries are part of the method of investigation of commercial property transactions. These enquiries can be acquired in various ways including purchasing the freehold, leasehold or mortgage supplier. Usually, buyers of property raise pre contractual investigations as sellers rely on these investigations. Currently, the Commercial Property Standard Enquiries (CPSE) is the standard in […]

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