landlord obligations

Slumlord Endangering Your Health? Know Your Rights

October 30, 2013

While you have the obligation of paying your rent on time and keeping your rented home clean, your landlord also has the obligation of making sure the home that you are renting from him or her is sanitary and safe. If something in your rented house or apartment is broken or unsanitary, it may be […]

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Mold Health Hazards and Landlord Responsibilities

July 28, 2013

Guest post on US law regarding tenant and landlord rights. Although usually just a nuisance, the health implications of mold exposure can sometimes be severe. Some molds are toxic and can cause illness when inhaled, while others are essentially harmless. Even among harmful mold, different dangers are associated with the various types. For this reason, […]

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Tenant Laws: Is it the Landlord’s Fault?

September 29, 2012

(US law and generally) Tenants and landlords each have duties to one another. Tenants are responsible for keeping the property clean and disposing of trash. Tenants are also liable for any damage that they or their guests cause to the property. They may also be subject to other responsibilities as outlined in the lease agreement. […]

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