Tenants of a social housing contemplating legal action against their landlords

by duncan12 on November 8, 2012

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After waiting for two months for their landlord to repair their leaking roof three angry tenants at three flats in Spalding have rounded on him.

The heavy overnight rains since last Tuesday and Wednesday caused major damage to walls, ceilings, carpets and a fire alarm system for three flats in Market place run by social landlord Accent Nene Housing Association.

The tenants were angry and have accused their landlord of treating them shabbily after having already reported to him about their caving roof on August 8.

The tenants threatened to go to housing lawyers to take legal action if repairs were not done quickly.

Tim Dent, had moved into one of the flats three years ago. he said that after coming home on Wednesday from work he could smell the damp as Accent Nene had not bothered to repair the exterior of roof.

Though builders had looked inside for problems they didn’t repair it which would get worse if there are any further rains Mr Dent said.

He said he had a cold for over a year but now he was suffering with cold, cough and sore throat and he had to put it down to Accent Nene because they were reporting the problem to them since August 8 without any response from the landlord.

As it has started affecting all three flats and after speaking to the other tenants he has decided that if Accent Nene was not sorting out the problem within next week then he would go to a housing solicitor to get things done legally.

Another tenant, Keith Snelling, said contractors working for Accent Nene went for a “quick fix” by putting up temporary plasterboard on September 5 ahead of full repair work on October 29.

He added that the contractors originally thought they had found out where the leak was coming from, but the water came in from elsewhere which affected all three flats.

He said that there was a whole pool of water logging but there was not sight of the contractors who would do the repairs.

Mr Snelling, who lived at his Market Place flat since 2004, claimed Accent Nene was failing to honour its own charter which promises to carry out repairs within a set time.

He said there was a communication problem between Accent Nene, the contractors and them because there was no information forthcoming.

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