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Buying a Property in Spain

by PropertyBlawg on July 31, 2013

Buying Property in Spain

Many people think that buying a property in Spain is a nightmare, but if you follow some essential advice, you will see that it can be as an smooth and safe procedure, but first and before you get to the stage of making an offer seriously, there are a three important tasks to do:

  • Find an independent English speaking solicitor.  Only for advice and to be ready to engage him in case you find a property.
  • Obtain a foreigner identity number (NIE), it is required for any dealings which involve the Spanish tax authorities, like a purchasing.
  • Open a Spanish bank account (NIE is needed).

Once you find a property in which you are seriously interested, make an offer and arrange a verbal agreement on the price, ask the owner (through their solicitor) to agree it and any other conditions in writing.

Completing the purchase

Once you have verbally agreed on the price and any conditions of the sale, the next thing to do is contact your solicitor, who will request:

  • Confirmation of the sale price and terms of the sale
  • Copy of the Title Deeds,  payment of council tax(IBI) and utility bills
  • Land Registry extract (nota simple)
  • Also the Solicitor will check:
    • There are no debts or charges, such as a mortgage, on the property
    • There are no legal proceedings initiated against the property for contravention of land planning law
    • Certificate signed by the President of the Community of Property Owners stating that there are no outstanding debts
    • If the property is new, the license of first occupancy or habitation certificate issued by the town hall.
    • Energy efficiency certificate if applicable.
  • A draft contract of sale

If everything is right, he will arrange a date with the Notary and the seller to complete the purchase.

If you are not able to attend to the completion it can be made through a Power of Attorney, your solicitor can assist you in this matter too.

And so we are at the end of the purchasing, and as you can see it can be done safely and quick if you go step by step.

If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

David Lorenzo


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