Disputes with your neighbours related to property law

by gabriel13 on January 25, 2012

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Below is a guest property blog post from a US writer regarding neighbour disputes.

Neighbourhood disputes related to property law are very common and can include issues about the right to property, noise, parking, boundary lines, messy gardens and overhanging trees. The quarrels between the neighbours fall under the group of civil justice. If your neighbour is creating noise problem, you should first talk with them and request them if they can reduce the noise. Writing down a letter instead of talking with them directly is also a good idea if you are worried about talking with your neighbour face to face. It could also be the case that your neighbour does not know that they are making noise and creating problem for you. Thus, if you request them politely, they may reduce the noise. If you find that your neighbours are creating lots of problems, you may take out mobile home loans and buy a house in a different place so as to get rid of such problems.

If the noise still continues after you talk with them, you should make it a point to keep a record of the noise that occurs each time. This will be a sort of proof that will help you get a claim in case such problem arises. If your neighbour is a tenant, try to get in touch with the landlord if they do not reduce the noise. However, if the noise still continues, it is advisable that you talk with an Environmental Health Officer who will look into your claim. Thus, if the Environmental Health Officer finds your claim to be true, they will either ask your neighbour to stop the noise completely or can place restraints on what your neighbours who make noise. However, if by chance, he fails to solve your problems, then you will have to contact your local authority who will give the neighbour a notice which may lead to action if the noise continues for long.

If your neighbour is quarrelling with you on boundary lines, you will have to work out and see who the owner of the land is. You will require referring to the title or rent your property in order to do this. In case the information is not available there, you will need to take the help of a surveyor who would do the work for you. It is very important that you have a talk with your neighbour first when you are thinking to handle a dispute. If you find that the other neighbours are also getting affected by the fight between you and your neighbour, you should try to take their help. Thus, the problematic neighbour will be able to see that their behaviour is affecting the other neighbours greatly and thus, they may think to change their behaviour.

You may also think of arbitration and if you find that your neighbour’s behaviour is breaking the property law, contact the police immediately and report about such issues. If there has been a break in the planning laws, speak with the planning department and ask them to look into the matter. Your neighbour’s behaviour may be damaging the environment completely. In this situation, get in touch with the local authority environmental health department. If you are unable to sort out your problems, you may consider hiring a solicitor and write to them. Taking the court action should be your last resort since it is very likely that it will bring an end to the relationship between you and your neighbour.




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