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Commercial Premises Accidents: Who is Liable and How to File a Claim

by Lisa Coleman on July 16, 2013

You probably have every confidence in your safety when you go out in public. You assume that the stores and malls at which you shop, the government buildings that you frequent, and the restaurants in which you dine take every precaution to ensure that you will be safe and protected. However, this assumption is actually far from the actual case in some circumstances. Many people each year become injured as they patron such popular public places.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Even if you are wearing sturdy shoes that have non-slip soles, you could still be at risk of falling. Wet floors, uneven concrete, holes, and cracks in the ground or floor’s surface could cause you to slip and fall. Many people are hurt in slip and fall accidents every year. If you fall down in public, your first reaction might be to avoid making a scene and suffering the pain of your injury in silence. However, your first reaction should be to bring your accident to the place’s attention and let them know that you have been hurt.

Elevator and Escalator Dangers

Most department stores, malls, and even governmental buildings have elevators and escalators for visitors’ convenience. Using one of these fixtures might be an everyday occurrence for you. However, it only takes one accident on one of these rides to damage your body and your future. Elevators have been known to fall off cables and crash. Escalators often cause people to trip and fall as they ride. Being injured in an accident on one of these fixtures can bring your daily routine to a halt. Taking care when riding one of these conveniences and alerting the property owners if you are injured can help you advocate for yourself in public.

Accidental Drownings

As odd as it may seem, dozens of people drown while visiting public venues each year. Some of these accidents involve children; however, just as many involve adults. Places like malls and parks have fountains and lakes that provide scenic beauty for the public. However, people who trip, slip and fall, or somehow otherwise end up in the water may drown quite easily if they panic or do not know how to swim. While you may assume that you could never drown in a public location, you should still take every precaution to approach large pools of water safely. Making property owners aware of any dangers around pools, fountains, and lakes can help protect other visitors.

Crime and Lax Security

People who are out after dark or who visit areas known for crime might believe that the places they visit have adequate security on hand. However, some public places do not have enough security because of budget cuts or the lack of employees to take on this task. If you are attacked, mugged, or assaulted in public, the place that you visit may have an obligation to compensate you.

The Role of an Attorney

If you have experienced any accident or injury while visiting commercial properties, your first course of action should be to hire a personal injury lawyer. An attorney can advocate for you in court and use their experience and knowledge of the law to help get you compensation. Finding a  personal injury lawyer in your area is easy when you go online or ask friends and family members for a referral.

You should not have to worry about your safety when you head out to your favorite public venues. If you experience a traumatic event that results in your being injured, you can find some closure and protect your future by working with an experienced lawyer.

Legal writer Lisa Coleman writes to educate what some kinds of common New York commercial property accidents are and encourages employing a legal representative if involved in one. The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. is a New York based personal injury lawyer firm that is knowledgeable about laws pertaining to premises liability and is equipped to represent a client legally with their claim. 

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