Property law

What to Do When a Construction Accident Happens on Your Property

September 20, 2012

(U.S. Law and generally) Construction is a hazardous industry. Workers are injured regularly, site visitors can be hurt, and trespassers can be injured. The property owner may be liable if a construction accident occurs. How do you know if and when you are liable for an accident on your premises? How the Laws Apply Property […]

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Understanding Property Law

July 26, 2012

The following is a guest property law blog post based on US property law including some discussion of IP law and is provided for general information purposes only. For legal advice consult an expert property solicitor. Further guest posting opportunities available – click the blue button to get started. Introduction Property law represents the law […]

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Charities and Authorised Guarantee Agreements (AGAs)

July 4, 2012

Raymond Cooper is a Consultant Property Lawyer Proposition: Tenants who are charities are unlikely to have power to enter into AGAs on the assignment of their leases, and trustees who do enter into AGAs could, if an assignee fails, incur personal liability.

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Shared Ownership Properties

June 14, 2012

Shared ownership properties are a way of getting onto the property ladder with a lower budget. Shared ownership is cheaper than conventional methods of property ownership because it allows buyers to part own and part rent their home. In a shared ownership property, buyers will usually purchase around 25%, 50% or 75% of their home […]

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The Conveyancing Quality Scheme

April 28, 2012

With due respect to the Law Society, some of it’s accreditations have been more useful as marketing tools than for genuinely evidencing expertise and additional trustworthiness, but things are changing. The Conveyancing Quality Scheme is a good example of how accreditation can really work well and, as it were “separate the men from the boys”. […]

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Disputes with your neighbours related to property law

January 25, 2012

Below is a guest property blog post from a US writer regarding neighbour disputes. Neighbourhood disputes related to property law are very common and can include issues about the right to property, noise, parking, boundary lines, messy gardens and overhanging trees. The quarrels between the neighbours fall under the group of civil justice. If your […]

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