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Selling Your Toronto Home Yourself: A Lawyer & Marketing are Key.

November 21, 2013

To the chagrin of traditional real estate agents throughout Canada, there is a growing trend of home owners who are deciding that selling your home yourself (also known as ‘selling privately’ or ‘for sale by owner’) isn’t the wild, outlandish notion it once was.  More than ever, Realtors have been on the offensive to ensure […]

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Five Things Real Estate Learned During a Shut Down

October 24, 2013

The government shutdown could negatively impact the US real estate market. Here are five ways it’s already hurting. The government shutdown affects most people in the United States in one way or another. For the real estate market, some hard lessons are learned from this federal government break. In this industry, which is still trying […]

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Relocating? Legal Tips And Advice To Make Your Move A Success

January 8, 2013

[US Law and General] Moving can be an exciting experience full of new opportunities and new relationships, but if you’re not careful, it can also become a nightmare. While buying or renting a new home, condo or apartment may seem easy enough on the surface, there are a number of legal pitfalls that can make […]

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Kent’s literary connections

December 17, 2012

(Guest post, not on property law but on some interesting residents from Kent). We probably all know that Kent is known as the ‘Garden of England’ and that there is much to be boasted about by both residents and letting agents. Kent, however, also has many prominent literary connections – something many people are not […]

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Job Sector of Real Estate in Chennai

October 14, 2012

(Guest post regarding real estate in Chennai in India) Urban development, the emergence of multiple shopping centers, and the marketing of different properties generate employment opportunities in Chennai. The real estate industry, in addition to the sales work and people looking to buy or lease a property, also offers space for company managers, lawyers, marketers, […]

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