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by zara on October 14, 2012

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(Guest post regarding real estate in Chennai in India) Urban development, the emergence of multiple shopping centers, and the marketing of different properties generate employment opportunities in Chennai. The real estate industry, in addition to the sales work and people looking to buy or lease a property, also offers space for company managers, lawyers, marketers, public relations, among other range of professions. Many people who do not even have a college degree but have interpersonal skills also have an opportunity to work for the real estate segment of the city. The real estate segment is booming in different parts of the country, which is due largely to the urban development.

The Chennai’s labor market has a number of employment opportunities in the real estate business. The common profile that the companies look for is that applicants should be self-motivated, enthusiastic and passionate about the tasks assigned to them. The industry also demands higher-level profiles such as that of project managers, directors and others, who are responsible for planning, coordinating and executing the architectural projects. The aesthetic properties are required while commercial managers of real estate and properties.

Benefits of the real estate jobs:

The real estate jobs ensure much growth potential. Most of the realtors in the business are self-employed and have their own business, where they work as per their norms and have their own timings and working schedule. Here are some more benefits of the real estate jobs.

  1. Tax Benefits: A realtor is a contractor who is supervised by a broker, making him as an independent worker. This makes him eligible for the advantage of tax deductions and save thousands.
  2. Flexible Schedule: The real estate agents are allowed to work at the hours of their choice. However, the people working under him would need to work as per the owner’s rules and regulations.
  3. Commission: The real estate jobs provide a complete control over your work, and also earn some extra income with it. Since the housing segment of Chennai is booming, the realtors can earn some good amount as commission from houses for rent in Chennai or the sale of houses.

Some of the leading real estate companies that seek candidates include:

  • AKME Homes
  • ABI Realty Group
  • Blue Jagers Estates Ltd
  • CCS Builder
  • CeeDeeYes Estates Private Ltd.
  • Century Realtors
  • Chaitanya Builders
  • Coastline Properties (India) Private Limited
  • Desai Builders and Developers
  • DUGAR Housing Development Finance India Limited
  • Green Peace Landscapes Pvt. Ltd
  • Silicon Realty
  • Puravankara Projects Ltd
  • Hemdevs
  • C B Richard Ellis South Asia P Ltd
  • Land Marvel
  • Mayur Real estate Services

Such realtors have been dealing with the development of a number of projects classified as housing complexes, office buildings, apartment buildings and shopping centers. To take care of the legal issues and processes, the real estate companies also require lawyers, so this shows that the industry is constantly searching for professionals from various domains and is not an informal industry.

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