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When Should You Use a Deposition Summary

by PropertyBlawg on February 9, 2023

If you’re in a legal situation, it’s always important to have different tricks up your sleeve. When you’re well aware of the law, it’ll help you get out of some sticky ordeals. Think of creating a deposition summary to help you prove certain things in the case to your advantage. Here are some reasons why you should use a deposition summary.

Helping You Save Time

When it comes to a deposition summary for lawyers, time is of the essence. From the things that happen before trial and during, all of this takes time. Here are a few things deposition summary helps you with:

  • Recap the high points of the deposition in the pre-trial and trial phase
  • Outlines different deposition points so your attorney can focus more on the technical side of things to win the case
  • Can hire outsource a reputable firm that has experience in this matter to help you get a leg up in the case
  • Puts you in a place where the conditions have to be tight to get things done immediately

Gets You Ready for the Pre-Trial

While hours of recording can help get some information, a lot of it just won’t help. A deposition summary for lawyers is all of the information taken in from writing copious notes and highlighting the main facts to help you argue better. The preparation is a lot easier to build a foundation to even help sometimes settle out of court. If it does go to trial, this a good way to summarize all of the details in an orderly fashion. The synopsis can also help keep the witness’ testimony fresh in memory. Having a quick point of reference will make your point of view stronger.  

Critical Factor in Proving Your Case

You may be neck in neck with someone in court. You may be on the defendant’s side and they have some strong testimonies. However, you having a good depo summary keeps you on the right path. It’s a lot easier for the opposing side to pick apart your case when there are so many inconsistencies with the argument. Not to mention, a well-written statement that gets right to the facts will make the more admissible to the judge. At the end of the day, you want judges to approve of what you say because they have the authority to throw it out.   

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