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A place in the sun: buying property in New Zealand

by Kris Bannister on September 20, 2012

A place in the sun: buying property in New Zealand

It was a place that not many really considered before the Lord of the Rings thrust its scenery centre-stage, but New Zealand is a small, sparsely populated country that punches well above its weight. Many Brits are finding the appeal of emigrating to this distant land, which boasts plenty of familiar things for UK residents (85% of New Zealanders claim British descent).

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However with much more space, and much, much more sunshine (New Zealand’s capital cities all average at least 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, the UK average is 1340 hours) there is a lot to recommend it to British immigrants.

The other big draw for New Zealand is that it is decidedly cheaper than neighbouring Australia, while still enjoying the same quality of life. Land to build on – depending where you look – can be purchased from as little as £50,000 – meaning you can design and build your dream home, a chance not many in the UK get. You can purchase a house with not too much more in the bank.

Here are some other top reasons to purchase in New Zealand:

  • Foreign investment is encouraged – there is no capital gains tax or inheritance tax (plus the Goods and Services Tax is 15%, as compared to the 20% VAT in the UK).
  • It is estimated that 25% of people living in Auckland owns a boat.
  • New Zealand has a low unemployment rate and there is still demand for skilled labour – it wasn’t hit as hard by the recession as many other western countries.
  • New Zealand’s excellent education system and clean open spaces make it a great place to bring up kids. There are 8 well-regarded public universities and many private colleges and polytechnics that provide skills training.
  • Necessities like petrol and food are cheaper in New Zealand than in the UK.
  • In the Gender Gap Report, New Zealand is ranked 6th – it has an excellent track record of gender equality and equal opportunities.
  • Outdoor activities abound. Hiking, skiing, kayaking, rock-climbing, sailing, abseiling, horse-riding… the list continues.
  • The scenery and wildlife is unique and breath-taking.

Kris Bannister is a content writer for FHR Airport Parking.

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