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by David Lorenzo on September 12, 2013

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 Through this series of articles I will attempt to make available to all those who dream of buying a house in Spain indications and recommendations that will help to successfully accomplish their goal, let’s start with the first and very important… the money:


The first thing before buying a house is to decide an indicative budget.The amount to be spent on the purchase of housing should not exceed 40% of net monthly income.

Divide your annual net income between 12 and multiply them by 0.4.From this monthly you know the amount of mortgage you can apply.

A mortgage can add up the money you have saved.

Also have to consider the initial costs of buying your home that can be calculated between 10% and 12% of the price.

These expenses must be disbursed at the beginning and therefore should be added to the sale price.

The amount of the mortgage plus your savings would be the price of the home you should look.


The first is to decide on the area in this emotional factors influence (close relatives, friends, recommendations, last vacation in the area …) and objective factors (prices in the area, transportation, parking, parks, shopping commercial urban services …). Both are important must be evaluated to make a decision.

As for the objective criteria should assess the following:

  1. Access and transportation closer.
  2. The shops, food services and entertainment centers.
  3. Health services.
  4. The parking situation.
  5. Entertainment areas, outdoor activities, beaches and sports facilities.
  6. Urban Planning and public works construction in the area can benefit or harm to housing and its environment.


If you have decided the area and has a target price of the home you want to buy, you can search more guarantees of success.

The possibilities are numerous: press specializing in real estate offers, classifieds, real estate supplements of newspapers, regional or municipal services, real estate Internet portals, making a survey of the area, or going to a Realtor.

When you are visiting the properties,it is advisable not to take an impulsive decision, make a second visit to the home or how many are necessary, and make all the questions that you consider to be well informed. The purchase is a decision important enough to take time.

I hope this tips help, next week I will explain about areas and characteristics. If you need more help please do not hesitate to contact me

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David Lorenzo

David Lorenzo

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David Lorenzo
David Lorenzo
David Lorenzo

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