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by David Lorenzo on September 26, 2013

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Let’s continue with some basic Tips you can’t miss when you are buying a house in Spain:

The surface of the housing is one of the most important features, but should clarify the terminology used most frequently:

  • Floor area (meters built): the surface of the home including all elements. Normally the data is reflected in the plans of the house.
  • Useful Area (square footage) is the total area minus the thickness of the walls, beams, partitions … Normally involves about 15% less than the floor area. In the case of the terraces, if open, is considered half of its surface.
  • Total surface area: the floor area to which is added the share of the common elements. The floor area over the total area of ​​the building, including those areas, is what defines the share of housing in the community fees from the floor and is the basis of property valuation.

Other important Features to check:

  • The overall space and layout of the house,
  • The orientation of the house: they tend to value more the houses facing south for the quality and quantity of natural light.
  • The quality of construction and finish are a guarantee of safety, robustness and quality.
  • The conservation status of specific and common elements: building structure and any cracks or damp.
  • Water circuit and the hot water system.
  • The gas system, check if  the facility meets the official rules
  • Electrical sockets check appliances, heating, air conditioning.
  • The type of heating  if there is .
  • Doors and windows: provide enough  light, ventilation, visibility and thermal and acoustic insulation for comfort and energy savings.

Be sure you check everything you want to check and ask for all the certificates, it is their duty to have all up to date.

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