The Housing investment in Spain has changed

by David Lorenzo on November 13, 2013

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Spain’s economic problems are pretty clear:  a recession is not expected to end until the end of 2013 and unemployment of 25%.

It will take time to get going, but foreign capital is now positioned around the market, in a time when everything is stabilized will open a market with a great future and very competitive prices.

There are opportunities for those who are prepared to think laterality aspects such as technology, sustainability and demographics redefine the built environment.

Positive signs:

  • Crisis have given lower prices and opportunities
  • A lot of Construction Companies need finance and can’t get it from Banks.
  • Now, Bank’s Estate Agencies are more realistic with the property’s price and you can get good deals directly from them or from Big buyers which just bought or are going to do it.
  • On the other hand, Banks are not giving Finance, so there is a niche where could be interesting to operate, for example for insurance companies, but being very selective and careful.

There are several main points to improve and move:

  • The Location is more important than never, you must keep in mind the features of the place, the options in the future, the transport links and ways to improve locally
  • Study the needing of the cities( services, offices, commerce, residential)
  • Assure the strength of the Developer
  • Target to potential foreign consumer ( Russian, Chinese). The National market will need more time to boost.
  • Refurbish, manage, renting, environment, energy efficiency . Look for sustainability in buildings to maximize funding, mitigate obsolescence and enhance the security of your income and way to reduce the refinancing risk
  • Buildings linked to strong sectors with big potential like technology, renewable energy or logistics(Spain is a very important logistics center has consolidated transport networks )
  • Also there are  very important alternative sectors like nursing homes for the elderly and student residences

The Housing investment has changed; it can’t be the same as eight years ago when every property in almost every location was sold.  Investors should seek for different resources to add value to the properties and assure the investment and benefit, but there are good expectations.

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