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Chronic Sickness? 5 Signs Your Building May Have Mold

July 20, 2013

Chronic Sickness? 5 Signs Your Building May Have Mold (US law) Mold is a fungus that grows and spreads in damp or decaying conditions. It can grow anywhere – outside on decaying plants, dead animals or wood, or inside on drywall, wood, carpet, insulation and clothes. Sick Buildings Equal Sick People While there are hundreds […]

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Commercial Premises Accidents: Who is Liable and How to File a Claim

July 16, 2013

You probably have every confidence in your safety when you go out in public. You assume that the stores and malls at which you shop, the government buildings that you frequent, and the restaurants in which you dine take every precaution to ensure that you will be safe and protected. However, this assumption is actually […]

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What To Do If Your House Is At Risk From Repossession

June 21, 2013

Feature post outlining what to do if your house is at risk of repossession. There are many ways to prevent repossession before it even gets close; you’ve just got to know the signs. The key is in the ability to ask for help, and not being proud or too embarrassed to get the help you […]

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Home Insurance: Beyond Buildings and Contents What Else Should You Cover?

April 2, 2013

Everyone has the dream of owning their own home one day and living the simple life. Many of us, once we purchase a home, think that we’re set. Unfortunately, many fail to realize that they could lose everything in just one catastrophe or accident at the home. This is definitely why most Brits invest in […]

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The Future Of Student Housing? Student Co-Operatives Reduce Rent Prices

March 19, 2013

Over recent years, the government of this country has seen directed towards it a tirade of protests and student anger regarding the rise in costs related to being at university. From tuition fees to the prices of rent, it is now more expensive than ever to study – and so far there is very little […]

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Structural Failures and My Rights

March 11, 2013

Buildings, bridges, and roadways can become compromised for a variety of reasons and property owners are required to monitor those weaknesses and either repair the damage or notify any pertinent parties. When these structures fail the general public is exposed to the possibility of great disaster occurring at any moment.   According to Bottar Leone, personal […]

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How A Criminal Record can Affect the Purchase and Leasing of Property

January 15, 2013

(Laws relevant to purchasing or leasing a property in the US). Many people may not have thought about it, but a criminal record of any type can have very long lasting and negative affects. When it comes to money, most people in today’s society are all business. As a result, many business owners, such as […]

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Homeowner fined £2000 for ‘untidy’ property

November 8, 2012

Philip Gunwhy from Worcester has been fined £2000 by Worcester City Council after failing the upkeep of his property. Neighbours of Mr Gunwhy began to make complaints as early as 2008, as the property began to look like a ‘building site.’ The property’s windows had been boarded up, large sections of the house’s rendering was […]

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Moving to Spain? – A Few Basics on How to Legally Buy Property in Spain

October 9, 2012

So you’ve decided that you want to move to Spain? It’s a pretty big decision, and there are many things you should take into consideration. Research: Research the area you’ve chosen to move to very carefully. You may have visited somewhere for two weeks on holiday a couple of times, but that’s very different from […]

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Tornado Property Damage: What Is Your Legal Responsibility?

October 3, 2012

(U.S. Property Law and generally)  Tornadoes cause significant amounts of property damage every year. With high winds and quick speeds, property owners unfortunate enough to be in a tornado’s path face challenges from nature, insurance companies, and even other individuals. Tornado Damage to Property Tornadoes cause substantial wind damage to property. This causes high stresses […]

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