Property Development

The Benefits Of Breach Remedies In Construction Contracts

December 19, 2012

[US Law and General] The economy is finally on the rebound, and this has allowed more people to undertake construction projects. Just because the market has been down for awhile, however, doesn’t mean the process of handling construction has changed any. It is still absolutely essential to draw up contracts with anyone involved in new […]

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The World’s 3 Wackiest Office Spaces

December 5, 2012

Guest post regarding some of the world’s wackiest office spaces. Did you know that most office staff would prefer to eliminate office politics, allow telecommuting and upgrade their office technology? According to Staples, the wish list for office improvements includes new, nicer furniture, more private work areas as well as flexible work hours. Would you […]

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Job Sector of Real Estate in Chennai

October 14, 2012

(Guest post regarding real estate in Chennai in India) Urban development, the emergence of multiple shopping centers, and the marketing of different properties generate employment opportunities in Chennai. The real estate industry, in addition to the sales work and people looking to buy or lease a property, also offers space for company managers, lawyers, marketers, […]

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Commercial Property Investment: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

September 28, 2012

Property is one of the classic investments. As cities grow and farmers seek out additional land, land often appreciates. Unfortunately, many people simply purchase land without doing the research. Simply adding some property to an investment portfolio does not make property a lucrative investment. Individuals interested in buying property should avoid several pitfalls. 1. No […]

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The Leasehold Reform Act 1967 and Commercial Buildings

September 19, 2012

Raymond Cooper is a Consultant Property Lawyer. Buyers of some commercial buildings should be aware that, although a building may be let for purely commercial use, the tenant may be entitled to acquire the freehold by enfranchisement under the Leasehold Reform Act 1967. 

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Dealing with Property Boundary Disputes

August 16, 2012

Introduction Boundary disputes can be a horrible affair. Often they can ruin friendships with neighbours and cause undue stress over the smallest amounts of land. Below we’ve listed some pointers that may help you to quickly resolve such a dispute. Where there is uncertainty there are often Boundary Disputes, and these can require legal advice […]

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Frank Mountain – Successful Property Developer based in the UK

May 5, 2012

A leading property developer based in the UK, Frank Mountain deals with a wide range of property developments, including speculative residential transactions and shopping centre acquisition and development. Frank also deals with a range of commercial properties and retail developments in a variety of geographical locations throughout the UK. Through decades of experience in the […]

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