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Government Revise Home Extensions

by PaulReflect on April 17, 2013

The government are changing the bill for extending permitted development rights as many Tories voted against the plans. The bill to make it easier for people to add extensions to their home has caused controversy so is being revised.

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles is looking to extend permitted development rights. If the bill is passed then terraced and semi-detached houses will be aloud to extend up to six metres and detached houses eight metres without planning permission.

There are arguments against this bill as it will take away neighbours rights to object if the extension is intrusive for them as well as the potential to turn gardens into concrete.

The bill was shown in the House of Lords and it was agreed that there would be an amendments allowing councils to opt out of the policy.

But on April 16th Eric Pickles requested to overturn the amendment as he said, “would introduce a wholly new principle, allowing local planning authorities to view the changes as completely optional, which would constitute a significant extension of state power over private property rights.”

After the bill was passed Mr Pickles announced a revised approach, which is in the hands of the Lords to make a decision, and this comes after the realisation that there may be many neighbour disputes if the bill is aloud to go ahead.

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