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Could you put a price on your home?

by Mason on November 30, 2012

Selling your home can be an emotional rollercoaster, whether you’ve lived there for one year, or 20.

There is so much history and so many personal memories wrapped up in your own property that you might actually find your judgement being clouded in a number of ways – perhaps you’re overestimating its market value? Maybe you’ve failed to think about its true potential when approaching the market; maybe you’re about to list it with an unproven representative.

These are the pitfalls that await anyone that hasn’t sold a property either before, or for a very long time. Even when you’ve made the tough decision to sell up and move on, it can be extremely difficult to put a price on your own home.

It’s for these reasons that you’ll want to investigate a number of conveyancing solicitors; people whose jobs it is to evaluate your home to the most appropriate market standard and help guide the sales and transfer process.

Why should you place your trust in these individuals though – and just how will you know which one to turn to?

Go local

Firstly it’s always best to invest in a company that knows about the area you’re trying to buy, sell or exchange in. Of course, even when dealing with conveyancing solicitors you can expect that they’ll know their market like the back of their hand. Therefore you should trust that you’ll be listing the right price.

Furthermore you might find that you’ll get a sense of a more personalised and informed experience, if you use a local company as opposed to a large one – or an internet sale. It’s the team’s job to get your property sold for the price you want – and they’ll be determined to keep you happy.

Side with reputation

You should feel confident in siding with a company that has a long history of successful transactions in your area too. Perhaps you’ve known other friends, or business colleagues, whom have had particular success with a certain conveyancing firm over another?

It’s always wise to side with history and reputation. If anything it’s because these are two things that any firm is desperate to retain. Your recommendation could be more profit in their pocket, so they’re unlikely to disappoint.

Communicate honestly

In order for you to get the best deal you can, you need to be honest with what your overall ambitions are for the property. If you have a set asking price in mind, then you must make it known. By all means take advice from your local solicitor but you should feel free to make your own decision.

In return you can expect your representative to be honest with you too. If the property is struggling, then you should know. Likewise if they have recommendations which might help aid a sale, you’ll be told.

Keep in touch

During the sales process you should never feel like you’ve been pushed out of the equation; left unaware of what’s going on. Your conveyance solicitor is likely to update you at the first sign of activity and you should feel confident that you can similarly ask questions of them.

After all, if you can’t put a price on your home, you’ll have to put your trust in the experts that can.

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