Summer Pool Parties: How to Liability-Proof Your Back Yard

by ValerieC on July 9, 2013

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Pool Party

Summer time is filled with outdoor activities, including the infamous “pool party.” There are probably few things more entertaining to do during in summer than invite a bunch of friends over for swimming and a BBQ. For many, the summer pool party has become tradition.

Safety First

It is always important to remember that as the host or hostess of the pool party you must take into consideration the safety of your guests. Anytime you have a large group of people, water, fun and games, and possibly alcoholic beverages, you have the potential for injuries. Most of the more common accidents can be easily prevented by home owners if they follow a few simple instructions. One Maryland legal firm provides the following statement about safety liability. “Each of us is responsible for our own actions; we are liable for our failure to act safely and responsibly. If you have been injured in an accident caused by a distracted or reckless driver, a business’s failure to employ adequate safety precautions, or a property owner’s failure to properly and safely maintain his or her premises, you may be entitled to financial compensation from those whose negligence precipitated your accident.”

Slip and Fall Accidents

Because the pool areas generate a lot of splashed water, there is potential for slippery walk areas. In an effort to reduce slip and fall accidents, try keeping a squeegee near the pool and clear the surface every so often. You can also post little signs around the pool area warning people of the potential for slippery walk ways. Additionally, make sure that you make it clear that there should be no running around the pool area. Kids can easily get hurt running and falling on the slippery pavement.

Use the Buddy System

Enforce a buddy system for using the pool. This is for children and adult alike. It is hard for the host or hostess to be everywhere at once, and to prevent swimming accidents there should always be two people in the pool at once. If you have smaller children at the party, make it a requirement that an adult is in the pool at all times.

Securing the BBQ Area

Your BBQ area should be sectioned off from the rest of the party. This will prevent any unfortunate accidents from occurring around the cooking area. This will also protect your home in the event of a fire. Make it known that the kids should stay clear of the cooking area.

Pool Safety Rules

In order to keep your guests safe you need to enforce the safety rules around the pool. Make sure that you have a flotation device and a first aid kit near your pool. This will help you administer any aid in the event of an emergency.

Make diving, even in the deep-end of the pool, off limits. You do not need to risk someone hitting their head or breaking a limb because they misjudged their dive.

If you allow the children to have toys for the pool, make sure that when they get out they remove the toys and place them in an area away from the pool. This will allow the water to drip off of them without creating a hazard. It also prevents toys from lying around and causing someone to fall. This also prevents anyone getting hurt when entering the pool after the kids are done playing.

While these may not be all of the events that could trigger an accident, they are the most common. A little bit of prevention will allow you to keep your pool party and summer BBQ event a perfect and accident-free event.

Valerie Stout Cyrus is a professional blogger who frequently writes about legal issues that are of interest to the general public. Price Benowitz, LLP attorneys at assist victims of injuries sustained as a result of pool and other summer party hazards, including slip and fall accidents.

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