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Wilford Smith’s Guide to 7 Digital & TechTrends Shaking Up the Property Sector in 2020 – and Beyond

by Wilford Smith on September 23, 2019

There is no way to disguise it; when it comes to digital, the legal sector has been slow to catch up with other industries. With that said, slow progress is better than none, and 2020 could be the year we finally see some major innovations come to fruition. In this guide, we discuss what changed (and what didn’t) in 2018 with a view to predicting what comes next.

Cloud Computing and Mobile working

Having legal files stored in the Cloud is nothing new, but how much this valuable service is used varies dramatically across firms and practice areas. Typically, large corporate and commercial firms have fully embraced the cloud, which is understandable given they often work on international and group projects. But what about high street conveyancers? With the rise of ‘software as a service’ providers, using cloud-based services is cheaper, more straightforward and tailored to the needs of different types of law firms. This year, we expect to see an increased focus from even smaller firms on getting everything on to the cloud. This can greatly improve accessibility to client files across offices, as well as assist in managing old files and other legal resources. We are now in an era where people expect to be able to access everything at the touch of a button; they now expect the same of their legal professional.

Virtual Law Firms

While 2018 saw the rise of online legal services including conveyancing quote generation, online Wills and contract making, and online consultations, it is likely that we will soon see some firms or sole practitioners carrying out all of their work online. As a result of cloud storage mentioned above, lawyers now have more flexibility around when and where they work. This means, there is a reduced need for face-to-face meeting, and lawyers across the globe can meet virtually in the online space to carry out their transactions. This can not only save time and money on travel but can improve the work/life balance for busy lawyers. The adoption of such practices is a large leap forward for the legal sector and should have wider health and lifestyle benefits for those working in the industry.

Social Media

Social media presence varies from firm to firm, but generally, we should see greater prominence of law firms across a wider variety of social media channels – not just LinkedIn. More and more, law firms and lawyers as individuals will be able to put more of their time and marketing budget into podcasts, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and blogging. This makes the law much more accessible and should hopefully lead to more business for law firms.


Unsurprisingly, law firms are particularly vulnerable when it comes to cybersecurity. Almost 80 percent of the largest firms in the United States have experienced a serious cybersecurity breach. The situation is similar in the UK, and as a result, firms are really starting to take notice. We anticipate a big upsurge in training relating to cybersecurity, as well as more planning around how to recover from a cybersecurity breach.

Client Relationship Management Systems

Client Relationship Management Systems allow lawyers to provide a better and more efficient service. In fact, it will solve many of the problems that lawyers face day-to-day, help to generate more business and improve customer relationships. In 2020, CRM use in law firms will increase, and if your firm isn’t using a CRM system, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage against your competitors.

Big Data

You have probably heard the term a thousand times, but did you know how data can help you dramatically improve every element of your law firm? We predict that 2020 will see a greater use of data in law firms to improve performance, manage caseload, forecast outcomes and increase profitability. When it comes to understanding your business, having a rough idea or a hunch simply isn’t good enough anymore. 

Are You Ready for Digital Transformation?

We know that law firms can often be too busy to embrace all of the technology available to them fully, but in 2020 it can mean all or nothing for your business. Taking steps to choose the most efficient and effective technology to help you meet your business aims can make a huge difference to the success of your firm. Here at Wilford Smith, we are utilising the latest technology to help you streamline the conveyancing process. Contact us today to find out more. 

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